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Joy in Nostalgia

Just the other day were able to take a quick rock climbing trip where both of our co-founders were present. Boy did this not disappoint. To see the two of them working together hand in hand brought back a lot of memories and emotions for our team. This made me wonder, why though?

Think back to those childhood memories you have, maybe revolving around a certain holiday, summer vacation, or just occasional special activity. When you think about it there are certain feelings that start to bubble up in you, whether good or bad, they are still present. We often relate certain memories to certain emotions and while this is natural for us to do, sometimes it can be dangerous.

We were struggling to find a time when all of our team could take this trip and seemed every chance we had an opportunity, somebody would back out. We started to hate the idea of planning a climbing trip and every time we discussed one we would all start getting anxious about who wouldn't be able to make it. Fortunately we took a deep breathe, set a date, and allowed the stars to align so we could take this trip. From the moment we set a date we decided as a group no matter what happened, we would find joy in the nostalgia of going climbing again like we used to.

And since that moment, we have already ran one climbing program and have a couple more on the books. Looks like 2020 is going to bring a lot of joy in to our lives!


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