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About Capstone


To promote healthy human connections through outdoor adventure


cap⋅stone  [kap-stohn]

1. A finishing stone of a structure.
2. The crowning achievement, point, element, or event.


All programs are based around nature and pushing past perceived limits. 

Understanding one's limits and pushing forward is key to growth.


"See how nature – trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence..."


"Staff was conscientious and engaging. A pleasure to work with."

"We really enjoyed the last activity that we did before we left the site. It fostered a really good discussion...Thank you all so much!"

"My son had a blast at camp!!! Said it was the best time of his life!!!"

"Excellent, safe, highly rewarding program. Staff is friendly and professional! Founder's Christian ethics is evident!"

"Staff is top notch & helpful"

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meet the team

Executive Director

Lenny Stallings

Executive Director

Lenny has years of outdoor adventure experience and began guiding trips in 1997. He founded Wide Open Outdoor Ministries (later becoming Capstone) in 2002 while serving as a Youth/College Career Pastor at Crossroads Church. Lenny is an Eagle Scout, Paramedic, Law Enforcement Officer and trained in rope work, rappelling, high angle/confined space rescue. He currently serves on the educational staff with the North Carolina Wildlife Federation’s Great Outdoor University and is a member of ACCT, ACA and the BSA.

Caleb Hannon



Caleb joined Capstone in May of 2017. His previous work revolved around marketing and recreational sports in higher education. He has a passion for seeing individuals push past their limits and achieve new goals. He is a quick learner and truly enjoys facilitating all of the programs Capstone offers.

In Caleb's spare time he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and daughter, telling quirky 'dad jokes' and working out.




Hospitality Director

Kelvin started with Capstone many years ago as a youth in our summer camp programming. He quickly rose through the ranks and showed his heart for service with our clients and campers. 


While Kelvin isn’t working he is usually spending time with his loving wife Alyssa, playing card games such as Magic with friends or working with computers and information technology.

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