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Push Past Perceived Limits...

Capstone offers a variety of programming opportunities for schools, corporations, ministries, families, social events, and scouting groups. Our program provides numerous and significant opportunities for participants to develop healthy relationships with self, others and the environment
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Capstone has the ability to customize team building programs to meet the needs of any organization, team, or group.

Capstone uses a learn-by-choice philosophy in all of its team building programs. Participants are encouraged to push past perceived limits to make personal growth.

Your group can expect to increase leadership development, creative problem-solving, decision-making strategies, teamwork, relationships, and communication skills through our High Ropes and Low Ropes team building activities 

Team Building


Our educational philosophy is rooted in experiential learning

Capstone focuses on the process of discovery through facilitated debriefing sessions to help draw out lessons from activities and experiences.


Topics include: life cycle of plants and trees, water exploration, ecosystem, weather, pollution, food chain, team building, first aid, and outdoor safety/preparedness.


We provide unique field trip ideas, after-school programming and a creative alternative to traditional P.E., Capstone Climbing can design a custom experience for your group that is educational, safe, and fun for everyone. We can help you create a fun & supportive environment that can lead to personal confidence, increased group cohesion, and a great school year!

Scout Information

Scouting is a foundation of Capstone's programming. Our co-founder, Lenny Stallings earned his Eagle Scout status while in High School and has a passion for teaching Scout Merit Badges.

Merit Badges

All of Capstone's Merit badge offerings can be taught on-site our local state parks.

Rock Climbing


Wilderness Survival



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