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Adventure Awaits...

Outdoor adventure activities are some of the best ways to experience personal growth, stretch yourself, work as a team, and have fun.
Capstone uses a variety of outdoor activities to work on personal skills like communication, problem solving, risk assessment and setting goals.
Our adventures help individuals to work as a group to develop leadership, team work and conflict resolution skills. Below is a list of the activities we offer:



All Equipment Included

Kayaking/canoeing promotes self-responsibility, problem solving and risk assessment. This offers new adventures, opportunities to explore remote areas and access to wildlife rarely seen. The nearby Pee-Dee and Catawba river basins offer a wide range of recreational paddling.

Paddling Locations include:

  • Rocky River (1/2 and full day trip)

  • Yadkin River (1/2 and full day trip)

  • Uwharrie River (1/2 and full day trips)



Rock Climbing

All Equipment Included

Rock climbing is an exciting activity to challenge and motivate even the most adventurous group. Rock climbing promotes mental, physical, and emotional self-awareness on the part of the participant to safely overcome fear, problem solve, and effectively communicate with teammates.

Climbing Locations include:

  • Crowders Mountain (1/2 and full day)

  • Stone Mountain (full day only)

  • Pilot Mountain (1/2 and full day)

  • Table Rock (Linville Gorge) (full day and multi-day)





All Equipment Included


Hiking and geocaching implement self determination, problem solving, and communication all while enjoying the great outdoors. With access to limited trails through the North Carolina Land Trust Association, you will have the opportunity to travel roads less traveled. 



High Ropes

Challenge Course

All Equipment Included

Our pole based high ropes course is situated near the edge of our wooded lot at Cedar Grove Retreat

Challenging perception of individuals is a key to our high ropes challenge course. In just 3 hours, participants will conquer fears, surpass personal limitations, and feel the rush of swinging 35' off the ground.




All Equipment Included

Our newly designed paintball field is located in the heart of the woods at Cedar Grove Retreat.

Encouraging bravery and trust between teammates, participants will feel adrenaline course through their blood and experience what live game-play really is. 



Low Ropes Challenge Course

All Equipment Included

With over 150 wood based and prop-driven activities to choose from, our low ropes challenge course can be facilitated on property at Cedar Grove Retreat or at any location of your choice.

Using a learn-by-choice facilitation model, participants will learn to set personal goals and achieve success as a part of a team.



Capstone is honored to have a brand new partnership with SEAKers Aquatic Adventures.
 SEAKers is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to offering the gift of diving to those who otherwise may never be able to experience God's underwater kingdom.
To learn more about the adventures Capstone and SEAKers are offering, please see below:
Try Scuba

Always wanted to see what scuba diving entailed? Try the short intro to scuba diving with us, we know you'll be hooked.

$35 per person

Minimum 6 participants

2-3 Hours per group

Full Certification

Already obsessed with scuba? Want to become a full certified diver? Join us for an excited new adventure

$400 per person includes:


Diving Fees

(2) 4-6 Hour Blocks of classroom time, over two days

(2) 3-5 Hour Pool Sessions, over two days

(2) Days Openwater Checkout Dives at local quarry


*Minimum 6 Participants

Adventure trips

Looking for an intensive scuba adventure? We have an epic trip just for you.

SC/NC Offshore Wreck Diving and/or Lion Fish Hunting Trip - Two Days Diving (2 dives per day)

$500 per person includes:

Dive Guide

Boat trip


Florida Springs Diving Trip - Two Days Diving

(3 Days Total)

$450 per person includes:


Springs Entry

Dive Guide


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