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2020 - Year of the Prism

So far in the 1 week of this year I feel like I've done 2 things: 1) Clean my house because my wife and I are nesting for the birth of our next child and 2) Watch the Kid's Baking Championship on Hulu. Our foreign exchange daughter has taken a liking to the show and dragged us through the ups and downs of the 7 seasons posted on the streaming channel.

Typically the show doesn't make me think too much about life. Mainly I just think about how delicious things look, how bad of a baker I am, and how the gluten in everything would make me bloated and uncomfortable. But in the finale of season 3, Aiden caught me so off guard with his cake.

Aiden was tasked with creating a new superhero and super villain and what he created put joy in my heart. After hearing Aiden's explanation of his superhero, Prism and villain, Dismal, I couldn't stop thinking about the wisdom and truth in this young man's heart.

This year I am dedicating my time to live more like Prism. With so much negativity in our world right now, we must stand up and turn the lifeless beings to the truth and the light. The Bible clearing states that a light shines from believers that others can see; you can share Jesus with others just by spreading light and love to others and never mentioning a word from the Bible just as Aiden did.

Now I'm not sure of Aiden's back story, beliefs or family but I am thankful for his reminder. While Prism may be an imaginary superhero, his super powers exactly that of a real king I know and I strive to be like.

See the video here:


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