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It's A Bitter Sweet Feeling

Every year there comes two days that our staff has come to know as turning points, one usually builds some excitement while the other is typically a bitter sweet feelings.

The first comes in the spring when we fill our lake with toys and inflatables for our guest to use and play on. The second day is today. The day we take those toys and inflatables out of the lake and put them in storage for the winter.

So many people probably think to themselves 'but you should be excited because that's one less thing to worry about and it means things are slowing down a little bit.' But let me paint a picture for you:

The sun beaming down on you, warming your body from the outside in; children laughing out of pure joy and uninterrupted fun; a smile on a girl's rising out of the water after being blobbed that is so illuminating that it could light up a winter's night sky; grit and determination steaming off of a young boy as he marches down the dock faced with conquering his fear of jumping off something taller than him and as he reaches the top you slightly worry he might back down like yesterday then....splash.....without hesitation he now has a story to tell his family and friends for an entire year, the time he conquered the mountain top of the blob platform.

Those are the days that we constantly replay in our heads as we disassemble the lake toys and inflatables. And those are the days we are excited for come spring time when we dodge rain drops to get the lake ready for yet another season of fun.


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