sept. 6-8 

Forest Path


As men, we try to fix things that may or may not be broken, be strong in emotional or tough situations, and control our situation as well as the situations of those close to us.

As one could imagine, this can get extremely tiring and tough to continue.

This camp is aimed to give men a chance to pour out to each other and to God in a safe, understanding place.

We aim to grow men to better serve themselves, their families, and God all why enjoying a few 'manly' activities as well.


Whether you are feeling like you are in the best place you have been in a your whole life or you are feeling worse than you've ever felt, man camp is for you. 

We will celebrates the highs while challenging and breaking through the lows...together.

Man camp is intended to reach men over the age of 21 years old in order to insure deep maturity in the subjects covered.

Our camp will use small group discussions to initiate deep conversations with even deeper healing.